More trees are starting to blossom. Note that some trees are in blossom and some are not. This is because some trees have bi annual blossom and others blossom later. Most of the trees currently in blossom are Bulmers Norman which also produce the earliest apples.

Last grass cut

The last grass cut before the apple harvest in a few weeks time using the last summer light. 

Taunton Cider

Our orchard was set up originally after the Second Workd War to supply Taunton Cider with apples. The company dissapeared for a few years but has been set up again by some cider enthusiasts.  The photo shows our collection of old Taunton Cider memorabilia.  Find out more here

Fat and juicy

Bulmers Norman cider apples plumping up nicely almost ready for harvest in September!  Find out about other varieties we have here

Stepping back in time

Visited the Somerset Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury today. Worth a visit if you have a day free. The museum is on an old farm, which dates from 14th century and was originally part of Glastonbury Abbey. There are lots of good exhibitions about old trades like baker, shoemaker, wheelwright, basketmaker and many more. They…

Refreshing taste of apples 

Enjoy your bank holiday with a relaxing glass of Countrymans Cider made from our orchard apples. The Medium Cider recently won CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) Gold 2017. Well done guys, it is a tasty drink on a hot day! Enjoy everyone  They also do apple juice too. 

Lesson learnt – prune your branches

This is what happens if you don’t prune your apple trees. Too many apples on a weak branch and it will snap off. A lesson learnt to prune even very young trees to make the branches stronger before the apples grow. But we still have loads of apples on the other trees! Usually get between…

Summer harvest

Rhubarb and early pears plus juicy plums from our neighbour. Recipe ideas? #recipe #summerfruits

Juicy cider apples

Simply scrumptious cider apples almost ready for harvest in September. Looking forward to this years crop produce.  Rosy red Tremletts Bitter and bright green Bulmers Norman apples. 

Overrun by rabbits

So many fluffy rabbits in the garden and orchard. They love munching grass, my garden plants, and poo everywhere. The tree cover in the orchard means they are safe from flying predators. They also have so many burrows to dive into when a fox is about. Peter Rabbit and his family are exploding in numbers. 

Super honey bees

Honey bees are amazing insects, and are so useful for the orchard pollinating the flowers so that the apples grow. Without them we would have no food or flowers. Remember to help them by planting bee friendly flowers from your local garden centre and try not use too many chemicals in the garden. For more…

Vintage apple press

We now own a vintage apple press. Couldn’t find one to buy in Somerset so got one all the way from a farm near New York in America! Now we need to build a shelter for it to live outside. 


Last weekend we camped in the orchard for the first time. It was great fun and the kids loved it! Lit a fire, made hot chocolate and spent some time surveying this years growing apple crop.