Autumnal day

Autumn in the orchard with lots of fallen cider apples, crunchy leaves, redsun, crazywinds and new chicken house Advertisements

Autumn harvest lunch

Had a hearty lunch yesterday of butternut squash soup with a Roquefort flan made with our own pear and apples. It was rather delicious!

Apple picking starts

Today on a sunny September afternoon is the first day of picking up the cider apples. Vernon from Countryman Cider has popped by with his apple picker machine to collect this years crop. He will make a few trips to collect all the apples he needs to make this years batch of Countryman Cider. Today…

First light of fire pit

This weekend we finally lit our orchard themed fire pit complete with apple wood logs from our orchard, glass of Loaders Farmhouse Cider, and sausages from Tim Potter Butchers The fire pit was commissioned from a local company called Dartmoor Fire Pits The design of our fire pit is unique is based on the seasons…

Autumn arrives

The orchard is changing again with the seasons. It really feels like autumn has arrived this week with cold mornings, colour changing leaves, dropping apples and golden light. Today we also spotted a young deer for the first time in the orchard enjoying a snack of fallen apples. This picture created by my four year…


The first batch of logs that have been chopped up from the fallen apple trees in our orchard. Lots more to chainsaw and chop up as you can see from the pile in the photo. This year we cleared up four fallen trees, which had gone down in the last three years. The orchard was…

Tremletts Bitter

This is a pretty tree to look at with its rosy deep red apples. From Devon, this apple was discovered in 19th century and makes a bittersweet cider.


Walking through the orchard and all you can hear is an occasional thud of an apple dropping from above. Autumn is creeping into the orchard with a carpet of leaves beginning to form interspersed with fallen apples. Why not celebrate the beginning of autumn with a refreshing glass of last years cider or apple juice…

Farmers Scrumpy

Soon it will be apple harvest time and the chap from Countryman Cider will come with his apple picker machine to collect over ten tonnes of apples. If you like old farmers scrumpy cider then try some Countryman Cider. You can even buy an old ceramic flagon (pictured below). It is quite tasty and won…

First taste of Taunton Cider

Met the lovely people at Taunton Cider Co. today. Came back with two bottles of cider,one medium, and one dry. Tried the medium cider, a nice refreshing taste after dinner on a sunny autumnal evening. Not too strong either at 4%. As I have mentioned before our orchard was set up by Taunton Cider after…

More apple types

Here are some more apple types from our orchard. Tremletts Bitter (already mentioned in the previous blog), Yarlington Mill (a Somerset apple), and the common Crab apple (also known as an Ironside). Hopefully get some pictures of the other apples soon.

Do you know your apple types?

We have seven cider apple trees in our orchard. Here is a picture of four of them – Dabinett, Bulmers Norman, Tremletts Bitter and Michelin. They are quite hard to identify for a novice like me, with only one season under my belt, and the same variety can vary from place to place!